A Vision For A Community Centre Church

Calgary is a diverse, suburban and urban City and Shepherd’s Gate will be a place in the middle of life, where community and faith intersect. The Word became flesh and moved into the neighbourhood (John 1:14) and our mission is to do the same. We envision a place that is at the centre of community life and activity, that belongs to all people. Families will take their kids to Shepherds gate for day care, or drop their young people by Shepherds gate for soccer club and dance class. Family celebrations can happen in our smaller patio room or our larger gymnasium. Oh, and on Sundays the church meets at Shepherds gate with the message of hope and love through faith in Jesus Christ that is the heart of our vision. We believe the Church belongs to God and he shares it with everyone. We are all God’s children and all are invited to participate in the most vital experience of all, new life in Jesus.

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act. Psa 37:5